Automated Growth-Based Irrigation? (GBI)
GBI Explaination

21 st Century Irrigation Made Simple

SupPlant offers a revolutionary concept comprising technology and a service suite that yields greater produce,whilst using much less water.

For the first time,a closed-loop irrigation solution provides a real-time response to your plants actual needs.

SupPlant's game-changing perception of irrigation starts by obtaining granular-resolution information directly from your plants.

With sophisticated plant,soil and environmental sensing technology,cloud computing and artificial intelligence algorithms,your plant's conditions are given exact attenttion in order to provide you with precise, automated and decision-making tools.

Unique sensors measure soil, climate and plant conditions

Sophisticated data analytics to act upon

Data is transmitted to SupPlant web servers were it is analyzed by our artificial intelligent algorithms

Harnessing cloud technology to gain insights

Growth-Based Irrigation (GBI)

Optimized automated irrigation provides the appropriate amount of water at the appropriate time; maximizing farming results, water savings and yield increase

SupPlant Growth-Based Irrigation? complete service pack

  • Automated irrigation according to plants exact needs. The result is more produce, grown with much less water
  • Real-time alert system
  • Online charts and reports
  • Recommendations
  • Weekly agronomic report

SupPlant is an AWL Group brand.

AWL (Agro Web Lab?) Group was established in 2012 as an R&D project between Israel-based BF Agritech and China-based Longcom and Tainong, to engage in agricultural monitoring, data analysis and crop management using a SaaS model. The group develops software for farmers and agriculture companies to enhance decision-making and improve productivity.

  • No.1 Tailiang Road, Hongqi Street, Hailing District, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China


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